The SOLA System
The SOLA System is a liberatory system for creating: self-clarity + agency + cultural visibility, for creative, autistic-status people ['sensory siblings'].

The SOLA System uses systems+energetic thinking, sigils, sound, adapted coaching and learning tools, and an extended metaphor of the solar system to house a fractal, relational, evolutionary approach to self-becoming, in stark contrast to the fixed, externally-modelled notions of [autistic] selfhood that replicate the binary logics of normal/abnormal, e.g. 'autism' as industrialisation + eugenics + scientific universalism = pathology-as-false-inclusion.

There are 9 'planets' (principles / practices) for moving beyond the limiting and assigned roles and masks, and into the practice of BEING [becoming] through right relationship (with your relationship to yourself/ your energy, as the baseline starting point):

LENS: Self Definition
'The Tunnel of Un-'

1. Unlearn social conditioning
2. Unravel the 'autism' construct
3. Undo habitual self negation

LIGHT: Self Connection

4. Make Self connection (not self knowledge) your goal

5. Centre in your Strengths

6. Self author your Self belief

FREQUENCY: Self Organisation

7. Organise (restructure) for (perceptual) orientation to Emergence/Systems 

8. Live in the Language of your Body

9. Align Actions for Agency (personal and collective)


 SOLA Siblings is the community + container for experiencing the concentrated cognitive empathy and rapport available in a temporary cohort of 'sensory siblings'.

SYSTEM + SIBLINGS is a 3+ month online 'unschool' for creative autistic-status folks seeking to travel through The SOLA System, and create personal clarity, vocational expansion and cultural visibility, through critically unlearning externally modelled self-knowledges and structures, gaining bespoke tools, and co-creating emergent (self-) knowledges towards new structures, and a new network with whom to culture new possibilities.

"SOLA Siblings has made me realize that I am not alone and has helped solidify the trajectory of ideas about the collective future for me. Additionally, it has given me the tools to manifest/physically accomplish the things that have been ruminating and resting only in dreams. [...] Very helpful for unmasking and finding community of somatic-based artist-scientists exploring existence through curiosity mindsets and kindness." - Logan Ridenour-Starnes

"SOLA Siblings is the home base, safe space, and launching pad we all need and deserve. It doesn't exist anywhere else, and it's life-changing." - Bonnie J Stinson

"SOLA Siblings has been one of the most healing experiences of my life so far [...] one of the most radical environments that I have ever been part of." - Rebekah Ubuntu

"The SOLA System feels like one of the most important things that I've ever done, and you and the siblings have already helped me connect with myself and make changes to my life in a way that I will remember forever. [...] SOLA Siblings has helped me turn my life into an exciting exercise in culture building, and my/our future feels newly different; an exciting dreamscape populated with networked ideas and images that incite action." - Laurie

Doors to SYSTEM + SIBLINGS are currently closed.

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SOLA Sessions

SOLA Sessions are 1:1 coaching/mentoring sessions, for late-identified autistic-status creative folks seeking personal clarity and agency, beyond past results, assigned roles, and limiting self-concepts.



the emergence-sensitivity + systems-thinking of autistic-artistic perception, combined with wisdom of trauma ability to think/see it differently

= cultural potency for radically reimagining HOW WE -LIFE-.

Activating that potency is my jam [passion pudding, fervency flavour, vocational vroom vroom]


Because I love your bodymind: I see it and I want MORE of it. I see you because I see me. I love you because I love me. Vice Versas.

I received a vision out of this love and I am in service to it.


Taking science as [reality-construction-vehicles] and distinguishing between the life-giving ideas [needles in haystacks we will re-thread] versus life-limiting ideas [eugenics] that science offers.


Together with cross-movement solidarity + critical frameworks of how specific and interlocking social and ideological histories and structures led to the specific construction of a grouped bodies as ‘autism’ = as a body regime [a word-meaning-body-containment-technology], the effects of which mirror, and intersect with, and are not separate from, imperatives of other movements, see: Disability Justice.


Together with the hypothetical parallel conjuring space of imagination, and the energetic-instrumentation of acting AS IF .


Together with the unschooling tools of self-trust, thought work, and community connection

>>> I offer that there is SO MUCH MORE that we can create than what is offered by current structures.

That we are PRIMED and POSITIONED by the unfolding present to culture this potency into new individual and collective futures: using what has previously been regarded as “incorrect, nonsensical, unsocial, enigmatic, etc.into tools of self-extension, self-expression and self-exaltation.


The ingredients are: 

community + thought-work* + visibility** + self-knowledge-production [self-production]

(*thoughts can be sensory and embodied, not just words. = imaginative reframing and reinventing what is possible.)

(** visibility in the frequencies and terms we define)

In other words:

You want a better quality of LIFE. 

= You want more LIFE.

(Not just reduction in the levels of over-adaption-into-oblivion-burnout.)

This LIFE is not coming from existing structures, or from thinking about your bodymind.

Is eclipsed by them [systemic invisibility cloaks]

It can only be created out of your bodymind. [emergent]

out of = with = within our bodyminds, perceptual realities, and communities. WITHIN.

THAT means connecting into the infinite universe (that we are) and its desire to realise all of its possibilities [LIFE]. 

Know: where new LIFE = the universe pays intense attention: consciousness: energy concentration.

We are co-creators/channels of: more life and thus protected by life-giving energy.

That energy = instruction.



starts in your relationship to yourself [your energy]:


The SOLA System is a system of self-returning + self-creating, based on the conviction that self-clarity comes from experiencing the world in a state of self-connection, (not from acquiring more externally-derived knowledge [thoughts] about self).

SOLA Siblings is the community + container for the unfolding (for travelling the 9 orbits of The SOLA System)

SOLA Sessions are 1:1 self-potential activation sessions 


re-invigoration = re-membering = the re-structuring of your world (thinking) in ways that Make Sense for your frequencies [sensory perception] + energy [source] + intentions [what + why of wants] + desired future [self becoming]

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