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SOLA Sessions

      1:1 coaching

For autistic / neurdivergent folks seeking supportive coaching or mentoring to work towards a personal or artistic goal.


What are SOLA Sessions?

 SOLA Sessions are 1 hour, weekly coaching/mentoring sessions with Louisa.  Sessions can be used towards solving a specific problem, gaining committed and non-judgemental support for finding your own clarity, or accessible artistic mentoring.

SOLA Sessions are for autistic / neurodivergent people (diagnosed or self identified) interested in finding routes to your goals that are based on affirmation of your whole self, acknowledgement of systemic injustices, and implicit trust in your ability to know what is right for you.

SOLA Sessions are held over zoom and last 1 hour, and bookable in bundles of 3. 

 There are two main ways that SOLA Sessions can be utilised (and these options are interchangeable - you can do one, the other, both, or a mixture):

Option 1: Coaching

Coaching is focused on self-evolution and goals. A typical first session involves spending the first 20 minutes identifying the problem or barriers to a desired goal. This gives me insight into how to best support you. We then agree on an approach/strategy.

You are in the drivers seat, and your bodymind, energy + abilities are the compass. I reflect your own thinking back to you so you can sense where you have internalised unhelpful beliefs or thoughts. In affirming your lived reality and the wisdom you already hold, coaching can help you move through self doubt and confusion into activating confidence, clarity and inner resources towards the future you want.

Option 2: Mentoring

My 15 years as a practicing artist has involved working with curators, showing work internationally and gaining funding. Art world structures can be bewildering and opaque, and knowing how to develop your practice, balance administrative aspects, and build relationships, all in ways that work for you, takes time.

SOLA Sessions can be used for strategic arts mentoring, artistic feedback, context illuminating, access support, and/or helping you identify what decisions will support your artistic goals.

What happens after I book?

You will 
receive an automated email reminder of your chosen date, time and the dedicated Zoom link immediately after booking, and a brief questionnaire for you to share your pronouns and any access requirements.


SOLA Sessions are first offered as a bundle of 3.

£150.00 GBP for 3 sessions, paid in full when booking the first session.

Sessions 2 and 3 must be booked within a 6 week period.




Rescheduling of sessions requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.

SOLA Sessions do NOT constitute therapy, counselling or treatment in any way.

SOLA Sessions are for one person only (not couples or groups).

BSL/ASL not currently offered.

Booking denotes agreement of these terms.



You are welcome to email Louisa with any and all questions:
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